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Central vacuum solution is overall the best solution for most cases. (DOWNLOAD:  UC Davis Clinical Study Proves Allergy Relief -PDF 59k). Still for a small apartment an independent upright vacuum cleaner can be just perfect solution.

Whatever your needs and preferences are A Vacuum does have a complete line of product and solutions.

All makes and models we sell we do fully support as a certified dealers, technicians and warranty depot.

Best central vacuums, full technical details by manufacturer (click on hyperlink to see!):

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Picture below illustrates benefits of the central vacuum according to the “US Environmental Protection Agency”.


A central vacuum is superior to a conventional vacuum in all Quality of Life domains. DOWNLOAD> UC Davis Clinical Study Proves Allergy Relief
(PDF 59k)


Any part you may need or just identify you can easily find on our supplier site *click on image to access site*. Once you find part you are looking for you can contact us and get it delivered to your door steps at NO extra cost!