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is proud to present you the best team in the business: our employees! They share an excellent education, training and certifications. They work daily to improve and to perfect each and every aspect of the customer service, always being friendly and effective.

Executive Team


Mr. Dragan Jovanovic

Mr. Dragan Jovanovic is founder and owner of A Vacuum. Since inception of his company Mr. Dragan Jovanovic knew that fine balance between superior skills and knowledge must be delivered at highest customer service satisfaction without a compromise.

Continuous growth of the company and customer base is the proof of his passion and success.

A Vacuum daily

  • our teem has a short but intense regular morning meetings.
  • Every day is The Day / nothing comes granted.
  • We listen our customers.
  • All our solutions are reevaluated internally to ensure customer /at any level/ gets the best.
  • turnover in our company is virtually nil!